“This all started when my kids asked me if they could miss school last Friday to support the climate strike.

 I told them that it is important to ensure their voices are heard but it is equally as important to understand that you also have the power to take action. Of course they asked, ‘what can we do’? To which I responded; Plant trees! I want to lead by example for them, for our community, for our planet.” 

– Jody Palubiski, CEO of The Charcoal Group of Restaurants


This Friday Oct. 4th, join us for lunch at our participating Waterloo Region restaurant locations and bring a complimentary seedling home with you.

We have 1000 White Spruce seedlings* and are challenging the local community and businesses to Plant 4 The Planet.


What YOU need to do: Plant your seedling, take a photo and use the hashtag #CGPlant4Planet. Challenge your friends, family and local businesses to do the same.

#FridaysForFuture #CGPLANT4PLANeT

How to Plant Your Seedling

Want to take your gift and produce more fresh, breathable air for our amazing community? Follow our simple steps and watch your little seedling grow!

So why plant trees?

- Trees pull dangerous carbon from the air

- They create shade to help cool the earth

- They protect communities 

- They are the anchors for plant and wildlife biodiversity

If you are interested in purchasing your own seedlings, we are happy to point you in the right direction. Contact https://www.pineneedlefarms.ca/